Loved ones and money do mix

Say goodbye to paper-napkin-IOUs and manage all your loans in one place in an easy and accountable way.


Borrow now, repay later.

No more complicated adding up or division to figure out who owes what. We do all the work for you while you focus on what's important to you.

Manage money together, hassle-free.

Get the flexibility you need. You and your family or trusted relationship set up and agree to the terms that work for you — not against you.

Keep money in the community.

No banks, loan sharks, or predatory lenders when you borrow. Relationship-based loans are only between you and members of your community.

Nurture your dearest relationships.

Let's face it, money can change things. Provide your important relationships with all the transparency and confidence they need.

You're just 3 steps away from borrowing

Credit card mockups


Send a request to your family members or trusted friends using a phone number, in just a few taps.


Once the loan is accepted, you'll see the payment being processed through your own bank.


Automatic repayments help you stay on track with your loans, so you’ll have more time for what you love.

Zirtue stories from real people

"I needed a loan to pay my bill and my friend was there to the rescue. Was easy to register, sent the link to my friend, bill paid and set up the payment arrangements with no problems. Lifesaver!"
"This is my second time borrowing through Zirtue, and with good reason. It allows borrowers like me to be transparent with the need with actual people, and not some lender-bot AI."
"I was able to send a loan request to a family friend and she was able to download it with ease. Funds were sent and my bill was paid! Definitely looking forward to using it again!"

We've got you covered

We understand how financial stress could affect you when your income stops unexpectedly. So we teamed up with TruStage to provide Payment Guard Insurance to Zirtue customers at no additional cost. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more

We give you the security you deserve


Predatory Lenders

No credit check
Repayment on your terms
No interest rate
No payment penalties
Loan forgiveness

Make a loan request today

We know that asking for help can be damn hard, but we're here to make it easier for you. Choose your way to ask for help and make money chats less awkward.

Manage all loans digitally, in one app.

Effortlessly organize your loans, each with its own funding source. Lend with confidence, and discover a better way to manage your money—right from your smartphone.

Stay on top of your finances.

Keep track of where your money goes, what it's used for and how much you've been paid back. See a clear overview of your upcoming payments and plan ahead in real-time.

Where care meets accountability.

We take care of all the responsibility from loan agreements and repayments to real-time updates, and so much more. No more uncomfortable money convos.

Don't just take our word for it

"User friendly and easy to understand. Much easier than going to a lawyer to draft up documents. It provides a sense of relief knowing the money you lent out will be repaid to you via a binding agreement."
"Used it to loan my cousin some money and was 1000x better than Venmo. Terms were agreed to up front and repayment was automated. If your loaning money this is the platform you should be doing it on!"
"I love how Zirtue makes what is normally a handshake agreement between friends and family into a structured, contract-backed loan. It auto drafts from the borrower’s checking acct each month."

We've got you covered

We understand how financial stress could affect you when your income stops unexpectedly. So we teamed up with TruStage to provide Payment Guard Insurance to Zirtue customers at no additional cost. Terms and conditions apply. Learn more

We're here for you

Identity verification

Our system checks details such as name, government ID and more to confirm the identity of borrowers.

Secure transactions

We use encryption protocols and 2-factor authentication to protect your account and transactions

Easy cancellation

When making and accepting loans, lenders are given flexible cancellation options without charge.

Safety line

We work round the clock to keep you satisfied. We’re there for you whenever you need assistance.

Make a loan offer today

Make a direct and meaningful impact in someone's life. Loan money more responsibly with friends and family without worrying about where your funds go.

Get full financial visibility.

It's time to abandon your paper-napkin-IOUs, and bring all your loans into one app. Pay and get paid back in an organized, accountable way.

Do more with your money.

Want to make your monthly repayment early or pay off your entire loan? No problem. You can do it straight from the app with no fee.

Get rid of the middlemen.

A transparent alternative to traditional banking. No high interest rates, no paperwork, no branch visits, no waiting. Zirtue is designed to benefit both of you.

Human help at your fingertips.

We want you to feel comfortable reaching out whether that’s struggling with your loans, mental health, or something else. We're here for you.

Loans for any purpose




..and more

Request money today

Zirtue makes getting paid back easy. Use the free app to request your money back from family or friends.